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OYN-X, Wholesale Distributors Of CCTV And Security Products.

Oyn-x is a distribution only product that can only be brought via our distribution partners. Our off the shelf cctv kit solution includes the most up to date technology with our 2mp High Definition camera kits.

Our distribution philosophy is key strategic partnership and margin protection for our wholesalers, our products cannot be purchased online cheaper than our partners sale price.

Our continued passion to provide cutting-edge and affordable technology to our customers drives our business and is the instrument we use to ensure we deliver well-grounded solutions over and above that of just security.

Oyn-x is now the choice of security professionals around the globe, constantly growing in stature, and is known as a brand that doesn't compromise on quality.

Oyn-x has paid constant attention to R&D, design and manufacturing and have committed significant investment and resource in this area.

Our products are designed to the highest standard, inspired by technology, innovation and problem solving whilst retaining fundamental core values in user ability, functionality and reliability.